Traceability EMS TSTRONIC

Why traceability is crucial in EMS industry?

Traceability (a term formed from the words: trace & ability) is an extremely useful tool in any manufacturing plant.

As the name suggests, it enables the monitoring and control of individual batches of components, as well as the product itself, at various stages of the production process (as well as other stages in the logistics chain).

In the EMS industry, apart from such obvious traced stages as the amount of available components, control of deliveries or shipments, there are a number of different processes that can be monitored. First of all, specific batches of PCBs and sometimes even each PCB individually. In this case, in the event of a defective piece, we can check exactly "when, where and by whom the product was produced". This makes it much easier to detect where there are possible issues in production or throughout the supply chain. When we talk about traceability in the context of EMS, we also mean being able to link components on a specific PCB to a specific batch of components.

At TSTRONIC, quality is one of the most important determinants of our activity, so traceability is written into our DNA. The level of its detail is determined individually with our customers, and the process itself is constantly improved.