People are the most important. Does it sound like a cliché? Not for us! We have created a creative working environment to meet the needs of our team. We know that the happiness and good mood of employees affect the quality of work.

Group photo of the TSTRONIC team in front of the main entrance

Why is it worth it?

We know that happiness and good vibe of employees influence the quality of work.

Work comfort

We understand work comfort not only by the social conditions of the workplace. For us it also means employment stability, flexible working time, friendly atmosphere and maintaining work-life-balance. In addition, we know that a day without good coffee or tea is a lost day – that is why we have a lot of coffee and tea in our kitchens.


We support all initiatives which are responsible for creating a friendly work atmosphere because we want everyone to feel good. We are the group of people that suport one another. We care about integration not only within teams, but also at the level of the entire company.

Benefits package

We use the MultiSport Card package. You want to relax after a hard day or take care of your condition under the supervision of qualified trainers or look for inspiration. Thanks to the MultiSport card, you have access to recreation and sports centers, they inclue: spa with saunas, jacuzzi and gyms.

Recruitment process

TSTRONIC pays attention to the recruitment process because it allows us not only to assess the candidate's skills and knowledge, but also his adaptation to our organizational culture.

Thanks to this, we are sure that by being here you will immediately feel like a member of our team!

Recruitment stages


We are happy with every CV we receive, but we only contact with selected people.

We will try to respond to your application within 48 hours.

In the meantime, you will receive information about the recruitment process for your position.

You decide when you can meet us (but remember, our HR specialist has some work to do!). We care about meeting in the office, if you prefer Skype - let us know.

Our HR specialist and other worker usually participate in the meeting. It lasts no longer than one hour (we have coffee and cookies ☺).

Information about the recruitment result (positive or negative) will be given to you up to 2 weeks after the recruitment process.

You are almost here.

Come and visit us. You will receive medical examination referral. You fill in the documents needed to prepare a contract for you.

Congratulations! You have just joined TSTRONIC – Your team and desk are waiting for you! Also check the email inbox – you will be given a handful of information about your domain account and your first days in TSTRONIC.

krok 1/4

The above mentioned steps are not a rigid scheme – if you want the recruitment process to take place in a different way let us know and we will try to adapt to your preferences.

We try to inform all candidates about the outcome of the recruitment process but if you do not get any response from us, please do not hesitate and write email: .

Assembly of components on a PCB


First day at work? Nothing scary!

Starting career, changing job or recruitment process do not have to be stressful. Our onboarding program will make you feel comfortable during the first at work.

Before the first day at work

Before start working here you will receive a guide via e-mail „You need to know” – document which in a humorous way tells about who we are and how we work and what to expect when you are here.
You will also get access to company mail and our Intranet, thanks to this you can get involved in the life of the company even before starting work.

First day at work

We are happy that you are already with us! In order to make the first day pleasant for you, we have prepared a sweet surprise for you. As to thank you for bringing a cake. The first day in TSTRONIC is also the time to settlement of formalities related to your contract parking zone, etc.

The first week at work

A series of trainings at the TSTRONIC Academy will be introduced to you in the first week here. They will be presenting our organizational culture, development opportunities and business philosophy.

Trial period

The next 3 months is the time to implement tasks, learning and getting to know the project. The leader and the entire team can support you if you need. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Rememer, everyone used to start.

End of the trial period

The trial period ends with a feedback conversation with the leader that sums up the whole time spent here.


THT assembly

Student internships

Boring internship is a trap. Do not be fooled!

Making coffee and doing tasks that bring nothing to your life? It is not here! Join our program and… become the captain of the space ship! We guarantee that you will not be bored – Your time is too precious for it!
Are you a student of the second, third and fourth year of first-degree studies or first year of second-degree studies electronics or similar? Check yourself in extreme conditions and play a game that gives you permission to enter the electronic industry.