Details that count

TSTRONIC is a Polish company with a stable market position. We have been a leading provider of high-quality EMS services for over 25 years.

Our activities are focused on building long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and honesty.
We achieve a competitive advantage not only based on modern technologies, but also thanks to the knowledge, experience and attitude of our team. We believe that our employees are the greatest capital and a key success factor.
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When demand meets quality

We are the team of professionals who set the customer's satisfaction and market success as the main goal.

We are fully aware of the importance of the expectations of today's demanding market, our passion is meeting these expectations by implementation in the highest quality, within the prescribed period and optimized cost.

We are a pillar of customer development by having a reliable recipe for combining people's motivation, technological advancement, the highest service quality while performing simultaneous control over costs.

This recipe is a guarantee of success and customer satisfaction, and for us is the only right way to develop.

TSTRONIC for the second time in a row has been awarded the Forbes Diamond prize!

Pillars of our business:

  • delivery on time
  • professional quality
  • prices under common control
  • satisfied and competent team of employees

In order to make these promises come true we put individualized implementation teams at the disposal of our clients, dedicated to individual projects, which determines the efficiency of their implementation and service.

The customer is our number one.

Person holding a PCB board

Radosław Mioduski

Managing Director

Good management of the company is the composition of all processes and positions in it in order to provide the customer with unique value in a more effective way than the competition.

Mirella Turzyńska

Sales and Marketing Director

Caring for the customer is a constant task. Our goal is to be close to customers and increase their satisfaction. we care for direct relations with customers because we want to understand them better. We treat customers as an extremely valuable asset of the company.

Mariusz Michałowski

Production Director

The goal of our team is to enrich the value of our customers' products so that they can achieve market success.

Izabela Tyka-Wojciechowska

Logistics Director

In our daily activities, we invariably strive to improve logistics processes that have a key impact on the maintenance and increase of our customer's satisfaction level. It is possible thanks to inspiring, delegating rights, supporting and trusting employees, so that each of them can release the best in one another.

Monika Wierzbowska

Quality Director

Continuous improvement is natural for us. Development is not only inscribed in our daily tasks, but also most of all it is our passion. Today we want to be better than yesterday. And tomorrow we want to follow the road that leads to perfection. We want to be the best for our customers.
View of TSTRONIC headquarters


We have been creating a specialized work culture since 1960. It was the time when the Techno-Service company was founded, the origin of today's success.

An electronic assembly factory was established in 1994, this was the first step for the construction of the TSTRONIC brand. The factory has been working in already known location since 2007.

Many years of building know-how, constant investments in development, regular modernizations of technological processes influence our current, mature phase of functioning in the EMS industry.

Nowadays TSTRONIC is the undisputed expert and the leader in the industry of electronic assembly.

1960 – Techno-Service was founded

1994 – electronic assembly factory was founded

2006 – the birth of the TSTRONIC company

2007 – modern production hall with an area of 4.000 m2 was opened

2007 – implementation of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy

2011 – implementation of APICS standards. Integrated Supply Chain Management.

2012 – opening new production hall (about 2,000 m2) - increase of the total production area to 6,048 m2

2013 – beginning of investment process in the most modern machine park on the market

2015 – we have 200 workplaces

2016 – 10th anniversary of the TSTRONIC company

2018 – defining the new mission and strategy of the company

Group photo of the TSTRONIC team in front of the main entrance