PCB testing methods in TSTRONIC

Why should you test PCBs?

A manufacturing company that wants to create high quality products cannot exist without an efficient testing department. PCBs often have an important impact on the performance of the entire device in which they are placed, and therefore must work flawlessly.

During various tests, we can check the performance of an assembled PCB in many different fields. First of all, it is important to check whether the board works as intended and is able to reach its full potential.

Why is it worth testing PCBs? The answer is simple - any mistake can really cost a lot. It is much better to invest in all the necessary tests and have them done professionally, rather than worrying later about the lifespan of the final product.

There are many different testing methods that are also available to our customers at TSTRONIC. With each new implementation we individually implement methods for each product - we carefully listen to your needs. We are offering: X-ray, Boundary Scan, AOI, ICT, functional and high voltage testing, vibration testing, LED optical tests, grounding tests, EOL, Run-In & Burn-In (testing in climatic chamber).

PCB Testing methods in TSTRONIC EMS