Why is the market situation for electronic components so difficult?

Month after month, the situation in the electronic components market seems to be getting more and more challenging. The EMS industry has been hit hard by component shortages. What is the reason for this?

There are several reasons for the complicated situation in the electronic components market. Firstly, like most industries, the pandemic has taken its toll and made it difficult for many companies to operate. At the same time, the market for industrial, consumer and IoT electronics has grown tremendously.

In recent years, the demand generated by the massive implementation of new technologies around the world has increased several times. 5G technology is a great example of this. The automotive market has also made its contribution, developing at an extremely fast pace.

Another reason will surely be the electrification and computerisation of industry and transport. Last but definitely not least is the miniaturisation of electronic devices. Meanwhile, the trend of increasingly frequent replacement of personal devices due to the constant introduction of new generations of smartphones or laptops continues.