Komponenty elektroniczne na płytce STM THT

What exactly are electronic components?

Much of EMS' work focuses on electronic components. We often mention them on our blog, as well. What exactly are they?

We hear more and more about the difficult situation on the electronic components market (we have also written about the main reasons for the problems in the electronics industry before – tu będzie link), but do you know what exactly we are talking about? If not, we are coming with an answer!

Many describe electronic components as the bloodstream of electronics - without them, devices simply wouldn't work. They are the foundation of building all electronic products and the source of all innovation. Without them, it would not be possible to create new applications or devices.

Electronic components can be divided into several groups - active, passive and electromechanical. They are used in different configurations, depending on product requirements. When groups of engineers develop new devices, they first design individual PCBs, as this is where the components are mounted. The individual boards or their specific layout, together with the relevant components, ensure that the end product functions correctly.